2013 Bathroom Trends

//2013 Bathroom Trends

2013 Bathroom Trends

With each new year, bathroom remodeling will show us the latest bathroom trends or ways to make our homes comfortable and up to date. The newest bathroom trends is always a focal point. The bathroom is frequently the one neglected rooms or the last remodeling effort. This year we have some bathroom trends to help with your ideas and make your life more relaxing.

With the current economy, many homeowners will choose to stay in their current house instead of looking at new property. Our families have grown and space is a problem. You bought a house when there were only two of you. Now your family has grown to five people and you may feel like you need to take a ticket to wait for your time. And your time is not a heavenly hour anymore; you’re lucky to get 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. But this year’s bathroom trends may very well change that for you.

Luxury Spa – In My House?

We’ve all enjoyed the luxury of a hotel spa, but how do you get that bathroom trends in your house? Just a few features added to your bathroom as part of your bathroom remodeling will give you that luxury again. Make your new bathtub a larger size with whirlpool jets. As you look at the tub in the store, don’t be afraid to climb in and see where the jets will hit your body for the maximum relieve. If you have enough room to add a small table for candles and wine, that’s great. But you can purchase a tub that has a flat edge which will provide the surface for all of these.


Not everyone loves the bath tub; and when I’m in a rush, the shower is better than the soaking in the tub. The invigorating spray awakens every part of your body. The 2013 bathroom trends have new shower heads with wireless remote controls that you can start the water running while you’re still in bed. Warm water set at your temperature will be flowing by the time you get to the bathroom. The controls have water temperature mixer for both the hot and cold water. Check out the Kohler Mira Platinum (approximately $790) and the Moen 295ORB Oil rubbed bronze ioDIGITAL(TM) vertical spa (approximately $1,264). As you plan your bathroom remodeling, check out these showers and others that will also be eco-friendly with water consumption.

And Music

As you lay in the water with your eyes closed, a little music will take you to your special paradise. Waterproof sound systems are available for the 2013 bathroom trends and can be built into the tub and shower areas to give you the full effect. This bathroom trends could be problematic to place speakers in the wall or floor. Many brands offer quality ceiling speakers adapted for this moist atmosphere in bathroom trends.

Considering that you are working with electricity and moisture, double-insulated wire are a must. Let me stress… This is not a DIY job… Hire a Contractor who has experience for this installation.

Steam Cabins

While the warm rushing water is relaxing, there is even more rejuvenation from steam. Steam systems say they help you use up 300 calories per session and that 2013 bathroom trends that many of us would love. These chambers sit nicely in a small corner of the room and come with powerful jets and monsoon shower heads.

Each steam cabins has six massaging jets but also a steam shower head wand, lights and mirrors so you can hit the right tired muscles.

Large Tiles

You were probably too dreamy to notice this detail in your luxury hotel spa, but it had large ceramic tiles on the walls. The new bathroom trends includes larger uncomplicated tiles as they provide an open feeling to the bathroom area and make the room seem larger. Even the most gorgeous small tiles, that are beautiful themselves and look great in the store, will make the bathroom space a little more crammed, a little less spacious.

Our Heat Beneath

It is okay to standing on the bath mat while towel drying; but eventually, you have to put that warm bare foot on the cool tile floor. But what if the floor was heated? The overall temperature will be even throughout the bathroom. Heat coming from ducts and radiators will lose some heat in the walls. Even temperatures throughout the room cheaper and uses less energy.

There are bathroom trends for us to want a luxury bath in our homes. Whether you want a whirlpool or a timed shower, you can have the spa-type experience in your own home.

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