3 Reasons to Choose a One Piece Toilet For Your Bathroom

//3 Reasons to Choose a One Piece Toilet For Your Bathroom

3 Reasons to Choose a One Piece Toilet For Your Bathroom

One piece toilets are not really all that different from two-piece. They obviously provide the same solution in the end, and they generally use the same internal flushing mechanisms. The installation is very similar between the two and neither is any more efficient than the other. One-piece models do have a few advantages, however. Let’s look at the three biggest advantages of a one-piece toilet.

Overall Size

One piece units are generally smaller than their two-piece counterparts. Because the tank is connected to the lower bowl, it can sit lower that it will on a two piece. If your bathroom has limited space, this is a good way to save a little bit of space, and every little bit counts.

While it’s not specifically related to the size, the a one-piece design can be more effective for disabled people and children because of the fact it sits lower to the ground, making it easier to reach.

Cleaning & Maintaining

By the nature of their design, one piece toilets have less nooks and crannies than two-piece models, which means there are less awkward spots to have to reach to keep clean.

Durability & Longevity

Because one-piece toilets are formed from a single piece of ceramic, there are less pipes and other parts exposed. By “hiding” these parts within the framework of the toilet, it means they are less likely to be damaged, both by physical damage and other things such as moisture buildup.

You will want to keep in mind that one-piece toilets are often more expensive than similar two-piece units. While the cost may be higher on the front end, their increased durability and easier cleaning will often mean that they last longer than other styles. So while you might spend more in the short-term, you can often save money over time by choosing a one-piece toilet.

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