3 Reasons You Should Buy Supima Towels And Bathrobes

//3 Reasons You Should Buy Supima Towels And Bathrobes

3 Reasons You Should Buy Supima Towels And Bathrobes

What is “Supima?” It is another name for Superior Pima. Unlike Egyptian cotton, Supima is 100 percent American. Consumers will find Supima cotton used in towels, bathrobes, and bath mats.

You may have cotton towels or bath mats in your home, but are they of superior quality? Before you decide that top-notch products are products you can’t afford, consider these three reasons why you should buy Supima products.

First, there is such a thing called ELS cotton or extra-long staple cotton. Cotton of this type is the highest quality, and Supima cotton falls in this category. When you buy Supima cotton products, you buy fiber that is not only stronger but also softer than other cottons. If you’ve been buying lesser quality towels, are they worth it? It’s important to invest in strong, soft towels. They cost more, but you will find that the investment is worth the money.

Second, Supima cotton, due to its fiber, washes well. When you put a Supima cotton product in the washer and dyer, it comes out clean, but it also comes out softer with each wash. Because the fibers are 100 percent cotton without artificial additives, the fiber is good for your skin, especially those with sensitive skin. One of the best ways to tell if a product is well made is how well it holds up after cleaning.

Finally, for people who live in climates that get cold in the winter, Supima towels are perfect. The supreme 100 percent cotton fiber of Supima towels makes them warm towels to wrap yourself in, when you get out of a hot shower and face the cold air. That cold air feeling is one that everybody who lives in cold climates hates, but Supima towels are like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket. What could be better than that after a shower?

There are many ways to enjoy Supima products. You can buy them as towels, bathrobes, bath mats and more. If you’re excited about Supima products, but you lack the funds to buy many Supima products now, take your time. Start with towels, then move to matching bath mats. Finally, move to bathrobes.

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