3 Things a Bathroom Decorating Project Needs to Cover

//3 Things a Bathroom Decorating Project Needs to Cover

3 Things a Bathroom Decorating Project Needs to Cover

Any time you do bathroom decorating project you need to keep some things in mind. It needs to be both beautiful as well as functional. The color you decide to paint your walls can have a major effect on how well the room will turn out. The thing that you want most out of your bathroom decorating is for it to display your personality. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is you can still create a masterpiece even with a small budget.

This article is going to focus on 3 areas of your bathroom you can focus on.

1. The first section is on durable surfaces. You want to add things that are going to last over time. Porcelain, ceramic or stone tile is a great way to add beauty into your bathroom with varying degrees of difficulty and cost. This type of renovation can save you a lot of money in the long run. Adding things like gorgeous shower curtains and soap dish or fancy towel racks into the mix can create a solid and durable theme.

Finding bathroom accessories made of metal will give you a modern look with a long-lasting effect. Many people choose to go with a fabric shower curtain for an elegant look and then line it with a waterproof liner.

2. Next thing you’ll want to look into is your vanity and sinks. Vanities are considered bathroom furniture and they can take up a large space in your room. Most people agree that modern bathrooms look great with a dark stained vanity. Not only does it look great it can really add to the contrast of walls painted a light color. If your budget is a concern you can easily find an old dresser at a flea market or garage sale that you can convert into a beautiful vanity.

For a great modern look you can purchase a vessel sink to sit on top of your counter. Try finding them in unusual material for an even more outstanding design. There are many different designs and ideas online. A quick search will give you many different types to choose from. Try finding fixtures that will bring out your tastes and style while maintaining the functional aspect of your design.

3. Mirrors can add a really great look to an already nice looking room. A lot of bathrooms already have big mirrors on the wall. You can easily utilize these mirrors with an updated frame made of tile or some other molding type material. This will not only create a new look, but it can make your bathroom look fresh. Another thing that you could try is replacing large mirrors with a set to create a more practical bathroom for couples.

This is also a great idea if you’ve installed double sinks. Many times you can find great deals on mirrors in the decorating sections. Most mirrors that are sold for a specific purpose like bathrooms will cost considerably more money. If storage isn’t an issue you may want to go with something that is flat instead of the traditional medicine cabinet.

Keep in mind that bathroom decorating is not a science, but a work of art that is meant to be enjoyed and not to be stressed over.

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