3 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Modern Bathtubs

//3 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Modern Bathtubs

3 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Modern Bathtubs

I did not know there were so many types of bathtubs to choose from until I bought my own place and had to carry out some major renovation work before I could move in. After agreeing with my interior designer to go with a modern contemporary design, it was finally time to begin choosing fixtures for my little abode.

Two thousand square feet is not really that big a space to fill up but I did find it a bit tricky deciding on what type of tiles would go with my fixtures. A trip to the huge bathroom store was a real eye opener. I never knew that there were so many designs and colors available for modern bathtubs. All this while I thought bathtubs were only available in white and only came in one standard design.

My little outing exposed me to quite a number of surprises in relation to modern bathtubs. Well, they were surprises to me, at least. These surprises played a big part in my decision-making process.

Bathtub Colors
Since I now knew that modern bathtubs are available in other colors besides white, I was all out to get one that was not white in color. I decided on a dark blue finish that would match my bathroom sink, toilet and contrast well against my light blue floor tiles.

I must say that I was tempted for a second to get an LED lit semi-transparent acrylic bathtub. Thankfully, my interior designer gave me an evil look and I instantly snapped out of my temporary moment of insanity.

Bathtub Material
I remember my grand parents having a cast iron bathtub at their house. I did not quite like the look of it and neither did I like the cold feel of the metal. However, as I found out, they are just about the most expensive type of bathtub in the market. They are practically indestructible and can handle abrasive cleaners without much of a fuss.

In the end, I decided to go with an acrylic bathtub. Acrylic bathtubs lightweight, affordable and relatively easy to clean. In addition, acrylic bathtubs are resistant to cracking and chipping, which is more than I can say more marble and ceramic tile bathtubs.

to keep your acrylic bathtub looking as good as new, it does need a little cleaning now and then. Fortunately, I was informed that acrylic bathtubs need very little maintenance. Just 5 minutes every 3 or 4 days should do the trick at keeping acrylic bathtubs shiny and clean. That said, I was warned not to use abrasive cleaners on acrylic bathtubs. Always use cleaners that are made specifically for cleaning acrylic surfaces. You run the risk of pitting the surface of your lovely bathtub if you use the wrong type of cleaners.

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