5 Reasons Why the Bidet is Better Than Toilet Paper

//5 Reasons Why the Bidet is Better Than Toilet Paper

5 Reasons Why the Bidet is Better Than Toilet Paper

In this article I am going to give 5 reasons explaining why a bidet is better to use then toilet paper. Most Americans do not know what a bidet is. When they find out about it, they still prefer to use toilet paper. They don’t know why a bidet is better and this article will explain why.

1)Using a Bidet is Cheaper Then Toil

The average American spends a lot of money on toilet paper. This money can be saved using a bidet. The bidet has a one time fee in the beginning when you buy it but after that you don’t have to pay for anything. Paper requires constant restocking and you have to buy a lot of it especially if you have a big family. Using the bidet eliminates the use of paper to almost nothing. Some people prefer to dry off with paper after using the bidet but you don’t have to. Using a small towel also works.

2)The Bidet is Environmental Friendly

Using a bidet will eliminate the use of toilet paper which kills a lot of trees each year. If Americans would reduce the number of toilet paperr they could save a lot of trees. On average an American uses 23.7 rolls each year which can add up especially if the family is big. If there is a bidet in the house hold, the family would save on paper and not waste as many trees.

3)A Bidet Never Runs Out

The worst thing that can happen is running out of toilet paper after going to the bathroom, especially if there is none left in the house. The person is trouble since he can’t clean after himself. When using toilet paper one has to always be aware of how much is left and stock up if there is none left. With the use of the bidet the person does not have worry about running out of toilet paper and does not have worry about going to buy it at late hours of the night. The bidet is always there and as long as there is water in the house, the person will always be able to clean after himself. It will not run out and will always be available to use.

4)The Bidet is More Hygienic

When one wipes with toilet paper it still leaves the smell and the feces still there. If one does not do a good job of cleaning it can cause irritation and can cause itchiness. With the use of the bidet one uses water and cleans the area with water which is better then just wiping with paper. Its the same as when one washes their hand before supper, they don’t wipe their hands with toilet paper, they wash it and even use soap. This is the same idea. Using water is always more efficient and hygienic than toilet paper.

5)A Bidet is Quicker and Easier

When using toilet paper, it can take a while to wipe everything and even than one won’t do a good job which can lead to stains and irritation. The bidet on the other hand can give a refreshed clean feeling after just using it for 15 seconds. When using a bidet one does not have to constantly wipe. Without water the paper does not leave a clean feeling after being done. It always feels like there’s something left. The bidet will clean everything and leave you feeling refreshed after every use with just the click of a button.

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