5 Unique Tips For an Organized Bathroom

//5 Unique Tips For an Organized Bathroom

5 Unique Tips For an Organized Bathroom

Keeping a bathroom organized doesn’t have to be a full time job – and it doesn’t have to cost a great deal. There are some quick and easy ways to organize the bathroom space, and to use bathroom accessories that will transform the space painlessly.

1. Unusual Bathroom Organizers: There are a few unusual, and helpful, bathroom organizers that can really make a difference in the space. It’s often hard to organize the bulky, awkward items in the bathroom. A wall hairdryer holder is a fantastic item that keeps the hairdryer out of the way, and yet readily accessible. Another must-have bathroom organization tool is a toilet paper storage holder. These holders usually keep up to four of five extra rolls of toilet paper readily accessible. They ensure that you don’t have rolls of toilet paper lying around on the bathroom floor or in the bathroom cabinet, and they make it easy to access what you need – when you need it.

2. Dispensing Your Soap: One fantastic bathroom organizer for the shower space is a shampoo dispenser. This is a unit that attaches to the wall and contains large quantities of shampoo, liquid soap, and conditioner. They are often used at public gyms or swimming pools, but can just as easily be used in a private home. They enable the homeowner to easily access bathing necessities without having to find a place to put large bottles of shampoo, soap and more.

3. Keep the Trash Manageable: While it might seem obvious to some, others would never have considered using trash bags in the bathroom. Certainly, you’ll want to have a trash can that is large enough to store your bathroom trash. At the same time, one of the easiest ways to avoid unpleasant smells, and extra cleaning, in the bathroom is to always have the trash can lined with a trash bag. When you are ready to empty the trash, simply tie the trash bag up, pull it out of the can and insert a new bag. Keep extra trash bags in the bottom shelf of the bathroom cabinet, and ready for quick and easy use.

4. Surplus Supplies: Many people stock up on deodorant, shampoo and other supplies when they do a large shopping. These items clog up the usable space in the bathroom and make it very difficult to keep the bathroom storage space organized. One important way to create better bathroom organization is to remove these items from the bathroom altogether, or at least to contain them. Purchase a large storage container and label it clearly to say “bathroom surplus” or another similar title. Then, place all of your extras in this container, and keep it with your other storage items. If you don’t have storage space, then keep it in the bathroom, but place it directly under the sink and make sure that all surplus supplies continue to be placed together, in this designated container.

5. Creativity with a Shoe Organizer: One creative idea to create a more organized bathroom is to hang a shoe organizer or jewelry organizer on the back of the bathroom door. These are large, plastic organizers that come with many pockets. This will create ample space to hold make-up, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair brushes, and any other bathroom items that need to be stored conveniently. If many people use the same bathroom, you can designate one row for each family member to create extra organization and to ensure that everyone has his or her own designated space.

These are a few of the more creative tips to better bathroom organization. Certainly, there are hundreds of other great tips, and an amazing array of bathroom organization products on the market today to help you get your bathroom in shape! All that you need is a little creativity, some energy and the desire to become more organized.

Romi loves sharing her tips for creating better home organization. As the mother of five rambunctious boys, she is always looking for more ways to keep the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home tidy and organized. Thanks to companies like Smedbo [http://www.modularkitchencabinets.com/smedbo.php], Rev A Shelf, and other great brands, she finds excellent home organizers that make the job easier. Enjoy Romi’s blog [http://www.modularkitchencabinets.com/tips] to learn more great tips for getting, and staying, organized.

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