5 Ways Of Making The Bathroom More Comfortable For The Elderly

//5 Ways Of Making The Bathroom More Comfortable For The Elderly

5 Ways Of Making The Bathroom More Comfortable For The Elderly

Growing old is unavoidable. All of us will one day get there. Our bodies always tend to wear down with age. The doctors say that no one really dies of old age. However, whenever death occurs, it is always as a result of one part of the body failing completely or one system failing to work as it should. You know that one is aging when their bones become brittle due to arthritis or when their back becomes bent.

No matter the extent at which science and technology has advanced to help one stay healthy in old age, it still does catch up with us. It is at this time that normal daily tasks like using the bathroom may start to become hard. Instead of moving into a home or having to employ a full-time nurse, one can make simple adjustment to the bathroom by adding the following bathroom furniture and this will aid in making it more comfortable for the elderly.

1. Bath /shower seats

This is very useful especially if one is finding it difficult to stand for a long time while taking a shower. There are very many types of shower seats and some are able to rotate and hence increase movement.

2. Bathtub lifts

These are more useful for those who are unable to lower themselves into the bath. They are similar to the bathroom seats only that they are adjustable and can raise and lower the seat so one can move into and out of the bathtub more comfortably.

3. Grab bars

These can be called the best friend of the elderly in the bathroom. Grab bars can be placed on various places in the shower or bathtub or even close to sink. They can be used as supports to lean on during the daily bathing routines.

4. Toilet safety rails/raised toilet seats

For the same reasons that you install a bath lift or grab bars, you can also consider installing a toilet safely rail or a raised toilet seat. This will help the elderly family member lower and stand without exerting a lot of effort or needing a family member to help them when standing up.

5. Commodes

These are common feature for those who are already taking care of invalids and elderly. One should take note of the commode they are purchasing since some bedside commodes are not practical for bathroom use. Ensure that the commode you buy to use in the bathroom is not prone to rust and corrosion.

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