6 Tips to Make Dansani Bathrooms Look Bigger

//6 Tips to Make Dansani Bathrooms Look Bigger

6 Tips to Make Dansani Bathrooms Look Bigger

Not everyone is blessed with a large house, and large dansani bathrooms. Most often than not, you will have a bathroom that may be cosy and intimate. However, sometimes this cosy bathroom can get claustrophobic and dull.

So use these tips and your decorating ideas to make your dansani bathrooms sophisticated and charming, and also a lot bigger.

1. The first thing you have to do is to choose the right colours to create a look of a bigger bathroom. Avoid using strong colours; instead use soft and pale colours as they give the illusion of extra space.

You can use strong colours for your accessories and towels whilst backgrounds should be of neutral tones. Similarly, use light coloured flooring.

If this proves to be expensive, you could spread a light coloured rug on the existing flooring for similar effects. Even your wallpaper should be of a light colour, preferably with open and airy designs.

2. Try to add as much extra lighting to dansani bathrooms without taking any counter space. This can be done by installing recessed can lighting in the ceiling to focus on a work space whilst wall scones and countertop lamps help in adding warmth to the bathroom.

Other alternatives, which though expensive, are effective in making dansani bathrooms look brighter and larger are the installation of skylights, Solatubes or larger windows.

3. If you have a vanity cabinet in the bathroom, remove it and have a pedestal sink installed instead. This is a cheap option to make dansani bathrooms look more open. However if you need some storage space, you could install a small shelf or keep a linen closet nearby.

4. Get rid of protruding things in the room like wall shelves, decorative accessories and hanging racks. All this makes the bathroom look smaller. Though some of this may be required for comfort and usefulness, you will have to sacrifice this for a larger bathroom.

Likewise, get rid of clutter as it only makes your bathroom look smaller. If required, one and not many pieces of art is sufficient in the bathroom and store what you don’t need on an everyday basis out of sight.

5. Installing a large mirror in front of the sink makes dansani bathrooms look much bigger. This is because it reflects the light in the room, whilst picking up the colour and pattern. In fact, you get maximum effects of mirrors if you artistically arrange numerous mirrors in front of one large mirror.

6. Painting a lattice or moulding design on the ceiling edge gives the illusion of a raised ceiling. You could also install crown moulding on the ceiling, which is painted as the colour of the ceiling.

Similarly, you can add depth to the walls by painting a decorative mural on the largest wall or a picture that looks like you are looking out into the horison.

With the use of all these tips, you will be able to make dansani bathrooms look much larger, and at the same time, colourful, attractive and serene to look at.

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