7 Common Questions About the Neo Shower Door

//7 Common Questions About the Neo Shower Door

7 Common Questions About the Neo Shower Door

1. What is a neo shower door?

The uniquely shaped neo shower door uses glass panels, combined with mitered corners to form the front section of a shower. The resulting shape resembles one quarter of an octagon.

2. How many glass panels will I need to form the neo shower door enclosure?

At least 2 side panels and 1 door panel are required to form a showerdoor enclosure. Adding additional glass panels will allow you to create a more intricate shower shape adding items such as a bench in your neo shower door enclosure.

3. What type of shower do neo shower doors work best in?

For a neo showerdoor to work; you should already have an existing corner shower or be willing to have someone put a corner shower in your bathroom. Consulting a professional (if you will be adding a corner shower) is a good idea. There are factors such as where your current plumbing placement is that will determine whether or not a corner shower in your bath is even a possibility.

4. What size bathroom does a neo showerdoor fit well?

There is no rule of thumb for which size bathroom is preferred for neo shower door placement into. However, the shape of the neo shower door can allow placement of a shower in a very small bathroom. A neo showerdoor enclosure can create a shower space in as little as three square feet. Traditional shower enclosures usually require more available floor space than this. Neo shower doors can be custom manufactured to fit any dimension shower.

5. Is a neo showerdoor more costly than a regular shower door enclosure?

Neo shower doors can provide a cost effective alternative when trying to fit a difficult size shower space. Available in framed, frameless or minimal framing models; neo shower doors create an attractive contemporary shower enclosure comparable in price to many other showers.

If you will be installing a new corner shower in conjunction with showerdoors; a money saving tactic at this point would be to plan your shower at the same time as you choose your door. This may let you choose from a stock neo door rather than needing a custom order one. This could possibly create a substantial savings to you.

6. Do I have the same hardware options if I purchase a neo showerdoor?

Depending on the manufacturer, hardware for neo showerdoors is available in a variety of finishes to match almost any bathroom design. Some examples of the hardware finish options are:

  • Anodized Silver
  • Polished Silver
  • Beige, Black, Blue, Gold, Gray, and others (check the manufacturer) enamel finishes
  • Brass
  • Check your distributer for other manufacturer hardware choices available.

7. Do I have the same glass styles as other shower doors if I install neo showerdoors?

There are several glass options to choose from for your doors. Most manufacturers’ offer the following types of glass in the models of glass neo shower doors [http://www.showerdoorsguide.com./neo-shower-door.html]: Frosted, clear, obscure, and tinted. No matter what glass type you choose; it should be safety rated. Safety rated glass if broken will break into multiple small pieces like a car windshield instead of sharp glass shards. You will be protecting you and your family’s safety by doing so.

Finding the right shower door for your bathroom may be a decision you make instinctively but there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on a shower door. showerdoorsguide.com will help you in picking the right one for you

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