7 Steps to Organize a Bathroom

//7 Steps to Organize a Bathroom

7 Steps to Organize a Bathroom

1. Take a Before Photo of the Bathroom and all areas

2. Empty out the entire space

3. Clean and wipe down from top to bottom, including the walls

a.Hint: I used a squeegee and vinegar for cleaning supplies

4. Purchase little plastic container store like items and put into

a. Hint: the dollar store has great supplies

5. Fold all towels and place them back into pantry area

6. Keep all hazardous products up high where children cannot reach them

a. Hint: better yet, change to eco friendly supplies

7. Take an After Photo to feel good about the work you accomplished

a. Hint: clean one area at a time, and do not take on too big of a project

At first organizing may seem to be a task that is overwhelming.  Some individuals can easily make time to organize and other just never seem to have enough time in the day.  As a professional organizer myself it is easier to help others do what they are not able to do themselves.  If it is overwhelming to organize than it is best to hire a professional because a space clean of clutter keeps the mind free of distractions.  As more adults juggle the tasks of kids, chores, errands, work, and other activities it is becoming harder to find the time to keep the house in order.

This is why paying someone to do the work for you comes in handy.  My first experience hiring a professional back ten years ago was the best thing in the world as my child kept all of my attention.  The house just was not a priority.  When the professional came to my house at a convenient time for me that was a plus because I was able to get a babysitter to free up a few hours to learn to get organized.  What I had learned in a few short hours led me to a life style change.  The best thing I ever invested in was a professional and now it has led me to help others in need of an organized space.  The bottom line is that until you walk in someone Else’s shoes, do not judge them.

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