760mm Shower Trays

//760mm Shower Trays

760mm Shower Trays

The Bathroom has ceased being a secondary consideration when designing a house. That said, bathrooms have assumed an unprecedented importance as these have become important places for relaxation. No wonder, people install shower enclosures of different shapes and sizes in their bathrooms. Hence, even the variety of shower trays available has increased substantially recently. Different shapes and sizes of trays have been designed to fit in different kinds of shower enclosures. The trays add not only functionality to the shower enclosure but also aesthetics. Trays too big or small and in a color unflattering to the enclosure can take away from the entire aesthetic appeal of the shower enclosure. Thus manufacturers have come up with a wide range of shower trays to go with enclosures of all types, the most popular size among them being the 760mm x 760mm design.

The 760mm x 760mm trays are manufactured in a way that the become an organic part of a shower enclosure. They are also easy to install unlike the ones available a few years ago which required a lot of hard work for installation. The trays of this size are available in many varieties ranging from modern looking to classic ones. These impart an elegant look to the shower enclosure while making bathing easier. One of the reasons trays of size 760 x 760mm are popular is that these best fit with the standard shower enclosures. Also, since they are of square shape they can fit snugly in a corner.

The shower trays usually come with a guarantee of being leak-proof. In order to ensure they remain so, they should be cleaned from time to time. Not only will this make your shower enclosure hygienic, but also ensure that it does not spring a leak. Also, a shower tray that is not cleaned often can cause the person taking a shower to slip and incur all sorts of injuries. Thus maintenance is important. Nowadays though, anti-skid trays are available making even an unclean shower tray to be safe for bathing, at least as far as physical injuries are concerned. This though should not be an excuse to not clean the tray.

760mmx760mm trays are light weight and easy to install. Being square in shape they are the most popular kind of shower trays. Buying one of these is sure to make your shower look good and stay that way for a long time.

760mm shower trays [http://www.bathroomevolution.co.uk/Shower-tray-760] are probably the smallest you will find on the market. For other sizes of shower trays [http://www.bathroomevolution.co.uk/Shower-trays] try here.

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